media around us

Technology and media are shaping our lives today and determine our life tomorrow. We have our ways to choose technology. Some new technologies are so advanced that not everybody can welcome them to their lives. A different story is with media. Media is so accessible that not always we chose it ourselves. Very often, media is finding a way to get in contact with us and stay with us afterwards. Are we selecting the best media? What are the instruments, which enable us to have the right selection of media for the right purpose at the right time? We all want to have a trusted source of the most relevant latest information. Does everybody have such a source of information?

I always compare media consuption with eating at the restaurants. It is important for us I always compare media consumption with eating at the restaurants. It is essential for us to not only to eat the same dish, but we like to be surrounded by a particular crowd, we value ambience of the place and many more characters and details, which even tricky to list. Yes, we do go from time to time to new places, but over the years we all have our favourite restaurants in different parts of the world. Some of them we visited many times, some of them we know because of our friends whom we trust.

I believe that comparison is a great way to choose the best. As trust is the most important for me and many of my friends, partners and clients I start with a comparison of trust.

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