Big thank you to #BBC and #IABUK (The Internet Advertising Bureau) for today’s UPFRONTS event, which the BBC hosted. Since 1922, the BBC has been reimagining what it is and bringing you the future, all whilst staying true to its core values to inform, educate and entertain. BBC is looking ahead to what’s next. Today the audience looked ahead with help from tech expert and Click presenter Spencer Kelly. By the way, I should confess that #Click is my favourite BBC programme.

Another pleasant discovery was the outcome of the BBC insight study ‘The New Exec Mindset’. The result of this research confirmed the opinion that “CEOs have to be a visible face of optimism”. It is not the most straightforward task today, but the future success of any organisation depends on its ability to be visible, to look ahead with optimism and be positive. I believe it is 100% relevant to the BBC as well. BBC World News presenter Lucy Hockings demonstrated such an approach during all interviews she conducted on stage during the event. Thank you, Lucy!