MY kazakhstan

I travelled to Kazakhstan for the first time back in 1990. Thirty years passed since I flew to Almaty on one of the first flights by British Airways from London. BA flights were suspended in 2015, the last BA flight from London Heathrow to Almaty departed on 12 October 2015. I will remember my flight from London to Almaty via Istanbul forever. As it was one of the first Turkish Airlines flights, not many passengers knew that flight is going to land at Tashkent airport before arriving at its final destination. It seems that after discussion with passengers crew agreed to land at Almaty airport before going to Tashkent. It was unexpected for everybody, including ground handling services in Almaty…

Kazakhstan is a vast country so that tourists very often have their memories about their trip “to Central Asia”. It seems that many journalists and editors of international media have the same approach. I noticed this when my friends in London told me about the trip of Prince Harry “to the ski resorts on the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan”. Obviously, this doesn’t seem right as ski resort Shymbulak is a well-developed ski resort based in Kazakhstan, it has nothing to do with Kyrgyzstan. The reason might be the article in The Daily Telegraph, where Shymbulak is located “just over the border into Kyrgyzstan”. Does it mean that Brits know Kyrgyzstan better than Kazakhstan? I doubt it.

I believe that Kazakhstan is much better known as a travel destination now. Advertising campaigns arranged by the national and regional governments of Kazakhstan triggered more significant interest among international media. Recent editorial coverage of Kazakhstan is not related just to celebrities, but presents cultural heritage and beauty of nature. First of all, I would like to say big thank you to the BBC editorial team, who produced beautiful feature programmes and amazing documentary films:

The Travel Show. Kazakhstan Special -2019:

Legend of the Golden Man: Secrets of the Steppes – 2018

Exploring Kazakhstan – 2018

BBC Top Gear programme in Kazakhstan – 2017

Kazakhstan’s stunt riders – 2015

A night out at ballet in Kazakhstan 2015

At the end of 2020 together with my colleagues from Dars Consulting and BBC StoryWorks, we accomplished a branded content project for Kazakhstan presenting the transit potential of the country. The name of the project is CONNECTING TRADE.

Also, I am pleased to list below several advertising projects produced for Kazakhstan by studio DARS FILMS. You are welcome to watch “Behind the scenes” films at the very end of my post.

Sunrise in Kazakhstan. A new beginning – 2020

Kazakhstan. Sunrise like no other -2020

Kazakhstan. Integrated Transport

Sunrise in Turkistan Region -2019

Sunrise in Shymkent -2019

Sunrise in Almaty – 2019

Sunrise in Eastern Kazakhstan – 2019

Sunrise in Almaty Region – 2019

Sunrise in Mangistau Region – 2019

Sunrise in Nur-Sultan – 2019

Almaty Region. Zhetysu – Towards the Sun – 2018

Legend of the Golden Warrior – 2017

Legends of the Great Steppe – 2017

Zhetysu – True Nomad Paradise – 2017

Thomas Atkninson’s Journey to Kazakhstan in 19th century -2016

Almaty – 1000 years and counting – 2016

Kazakhstan – Boxing Nation – 2013

Kazakhstan – the Heart of Eurasia – 2012

Behind the scenes

2018. Almaty Region. Zhetysu – Towards the Sun

2017. Legends of Kazakhstan

2016. Thomas Atkinson’s Journey to Kazakhstan in 19th century

2016. Almaty – 1000 years and counting