Eurasian Media Forum

It has been my great pleasure for many years to participate in the Eurasian Media Forum in Kazakhstan.

In 2021, the Forum was held in Nur Sultan from 15 to September 17. On the first day, September 15, at 3:00 PM AM, I conducted a masterclass, “Media Audience – Formats of Interaction”. For an hour, I talked about what tools the most successful international media use to increase their influence and win the competition for audience sympathy. For all media, without exception, formats of interaction with the audience determine the dynamics of development. With the increasing globalization of the information space and the development of social media, competition in the media sphere is becoming more intense.

Even administrative resources and financial injections from the state budgets can no longer guarantee that the media will retain an audience and develop partnerships with sponsors and advertisers.

As the basis of my masterclass in 2021, I took the educational course “Modern Media” program, which I teach in the European News Academy in Russian and English languages online and offline in various countries of Europe and Asia.

I am happy to answer questions and provide more information on my participation in the media forums and educational course “Modern Media”.