Winter Games

January is an exceptional month for me. In January 2006 I started to work with the BBC World News as Head of Advertising Representative office in Moscow. In January 2007, Russia launched an extensive six-month TV advertising campaign on the BBC World News promoting Sochi as a candidate city for the 2014 Winter Olympics. That campaign stopped just before the announcement on 4th July 2017. Sochi beat out Pyeongchang by four votes in the second round of voting after Salzburg had been eliminated in the first round. BBC World News did a great job promoting Sochi, but it was not the end of the TV promotion of the Winter Olympic Games! In January 2014, two months before the Games’ start in Sochi, the BBC produced one of the most creative videos promoting the Winter Olympic Games.

Winter Universiade 2017, the XXVIII Winter Universiade, was a multi-sport winter event in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from 29 January to 8 February 2017. Together with my colleagues from Dars Films, we produced a promo video and arranged its broadcasting on BBC World News.

On the 4th of February, the Winter Olympic Games will take place in Beijing in two weeks. I wish all sportsmen to achieve their best results and some of them to achieve even more…